Horse Farm
There is a horse farm at 50 m. advance of your facility. There, you can have enjoyable times with your family.

Afium is approximately 2 km far to your facility and it is the biggest open-air shopping center of Afyon and there are cinema halls, Bowling, Restaurant, Cafes and many stores in it. You can have enjoyable times with your family and your friends.

Swimming pool & Spa Center
In Korel, ikbal, Anemon and Oruçoğlu hotels, there is swimming pool and Spa Center and you can use these facilities as you want..

Table football & Table tennis
You can play Table Football or Table Tennis with your children enjoyably and you can have enjoyable times..

Bicycle Rent
You can use the bicycle rent opportunities in our facility.

Afyon Castle
Afyon castle is on a rock mass having the volcanic characteristics. The castle which was used as a fortified place in the era of Hittites was called as Hapanuva firstly and as Akroenos in the Roman and Byzantine eras and with the name of Karahisar as of the Seljuks. The Afyon castle is in the city center of Afyonkarahisar and you can see this historical structure.

Victory Museum
The victory museum is in the city center of Afyonkarahisar and opposite to the Anıtpark. It was constructed in the years between 1915-1920 in the pre-Republican period. It is the place where the Battle of Dumlupınar (Field Battle of the Commander-in-Chief) was planned and the attack order was given.

Frig Valley
You can visit the Frig Valley located in the region covering the Afyon-Kütahya and Eskişehir provinces where the Frig civilization reigned for a period.

Rehber Eşliğinde Büyük Taarruz Afyon Turu
Büyük Taaruz Hakkında Gerçek Bilgileri ve Savaş Alanlarında Yaşanmış Gerçek Hikayeleri Yerinde Dinlemek İster misiniz ?